Will You Pray For Others?

Monday, October 11, 2004

As Christians, we have many opportunities to bring people before the throne of God when our friends and family members ask for prayer. Prayer requests surface in our weekly Bible study and during the Sunday service we’ve seen God do some miraculous things through prayer. Prayer gives us the incredible privilege of partnering with God to changes lives.

Prayer can change the secular, sinful world and it can also change those who are believers. Prayer is an act of faith. First of all, it is offered to the God whom none of us has ever seen. Second, it is based on statements in the Scriptures, which we believe are true—that our words addressed toward heaven are going to do some good

After all, that’s what faith is—believing the statements of God. It is not a feeling, not based o circumstance. It is based on God. Prayer is an act of dependence and sometimes an act of desperation. But it is supremely an act of faith. And God says that we walk by faith, not by sight.

Prayer is a way of releasing the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. In the Scriptures we learn that prayer activates God’s grace and his Spirit in us. God’s grace and his Spirit operate without us, but they also work through us and because of us. This is part of the mystery of prayer. Your prayers can lead to real lasting change, bringing glory to God and great joy to many---including yourself.

Do you want joy? Do you want to bring glory to God? Then say yes when given the opportunity to serve. In order to be ready, will you pray for God to use you?