Why Many of Us Have Never Led Another to CHrist

Sunday, May 28, 2017


I would suggest the reason many of us have never led another person to Christ is that we have never really asked a person that pivotal question: “Would you like to accept Jesus Christ into you life as your personal Savior?” We chicken out at the last minute. What if they say no, we may wonder. Our real fear might actually be, what if they say yes? If they do say yes—and I believe that if you are actively sharing your faith, you will eventually get such an answer. It will be one of the greatest joys you will ever know this side of heaven. Just think—a person’s eternal destiny has changed! A person who had been on his way to hell is now going to heaven. A person who was empty and lonely is now fulfilled and complete—all because you took the time to share the gospel message with them.

Many of us, unfortunately, give up too easily. We may ask our unbelieving friends, “Do you want to come to church with me?” “No,” they finally reply. “OK, never mind,” you say, dropping the subject and perhaps feeling slightly relieved. How can we give up so easily? Do we really believe what we claim to believe? Are we convinced of the reality of a heaven and a hell? Do we actually accept that the wages of sin really is death. If so, how can we be so casual about telling others?

Statistics tell us that 95 percent of all Christians have never led another person to Christ. Are you in that massive percentage? Or are you in that “elite few” who have had the privilege of helping a person pass from darkness to light?

Would you earnestly ask God to give you the boldness to share the gospel with someone this week? Here’s a prayer you can pray: “Lord, from this moment forward, I pray that You will give me a burden and concern for people who do not yet know You. Help me to see them as You do. Help me to care enough to share Your gospel with them. Give me a burden for the lost like You had. Lord, I admit that at times, I am afraid to step out. Please give me a new boldness to do that. I thank You in advance, Lord. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.”